Wednesday | 21. December 2016.

Radovan Trampa, Electrical Engineer at Laurence Walter Serbia

The sky is the limit

Friday | 02. December 2016.
Our growth in precision engineering
Ken Steel, General Manager at Arrowsmith Engineering

Ken joined Arrowsmith Engineering, a specialist precision engineering company with world class approvals, in 1984. Ken was Arrowsmith’s first full time employee.

As the company grew, Ken took the opport...

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Thursday | 18. August 2016.
Unsung Hero
Steve Smith, Head of Group IT

The MEL Group would like to wish Steve Smith a happy 60th Birthday.

As our Head of IT, Steve works around the clock to su...

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Monday | 23. May 2016.
Europe - Like the back of my hand!
Mick Bromley, Goods In / Despatch / Transport Supervisor

Mick was born in Sudbury and loves the area and his job! He joined MEL Aviation in 1996 working as the UK’s most enthusiastic despatch driver. For two years Mick drove all over Europe transporting goods from country to country.

It wa...

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Wednesday | 23. March 2016.
Electronically Speaking
Gordon Traviss, Production Manager

Gordon joined HBS Electronics in May 2014. Gordon manages the production team who manufacture headsets for The MEL Group and provide the sub-contract manufacture of printed circuit board assemblies. Gordon has over 35 years’ experie...

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Wednesday | 03. February 2016.
Around the world in 24 hours
Sharon Mills, Shipping and Trade Compliance Manager

Sharon was born in East London and moved to Belchamp St. Paul in 1996. Sharon is married with two children.

After joining MEL Aviation in 2001 as Logistics Administrator, Sharon has progressed to her current position as Shipping and Trade Com...

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Friday | 20. November 2015.
From Turner to Typhoon
Ken Ridgway, General Engineer

Ken was born in Harlington United Kingdom and moved to Sudbury in 1993. Ken is married with two boys aged 17 and 19. After 25 years of employment with the company he has been awarded a Rolex wristwatch for his lo...

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