MEL Aviation Ltd

MEL Aviation Ltd

MEL Aviation Ltd provide a total engineering solution to the aerospace and defence industries in the UK and worldwide. Their capabilities range from design, manufacture of ground support equipment and airborne components to the repair and overhaul of civil and military aerospace and defence products.

Civil Aviation


Component Repair and Overhaul

We represent a number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
B/E Aerospace, Winslow Liferaft Company and Switlink

In addition, we service the products of OEMs ranging from AOA to Zodiac Group and operate to a minimum standard of five days

Aircraft On Ground

Our 24 hour aircraft on ground (AOG) service provides nose-to-tail support every day of the year


Oxygen - cylinders, regulators, crew masks

Communication - headsets, handsets, megaphones

Fire extinguishers - cargo, auxiliary power units, engines

Inflation - escape slides, life rafts, cylinders, survival kits

Waste systems - toilets, valves, pumps, filters, separators, waste tanks, water tanks

Galley items - fridges, freezers, water boilers, coffee machines, trolleys, trash compactors

Miscellaneous - emergency beacons, ballast units, handsets, headsets, miscellaneous cabin equipment

oxy 1
fire 2

inflation 1
inflation 2

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Purchasing and Logistics

The MEL Group’s purchasing and logistics capabilities allow us to offer a centralised one-stop-shop for customers, reducing duplication of effort and helping to minimise costs and time

- Purchasing partner
As a purchaser of spare parts, assemblies and consumables for the UK government (either by framework or single source contracting), we are a flexible, trusted and experienced partner

- Licensed and legal
Customers can take advantage of our own daily transport run to Gatwick and Heathrow Airports, rather than arranging separate transportation

We stock a large number of aviation parts, please see our inventory on Inventory Locator Service and Parts Base

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Design Capabilities

Material Selection

Hazard Analysis

Stress Analysis

Rapid Prototype


Prototype Manufacturer

3D Modelling

Design Proving

Software Development

PLC Programming


NI TestStand





Installation and Commissioning





Oxygen Systems

Mechanical Structures

Fuel Systems

High Pressure Gases

Through Life Support

Obsolescence Management




Safety Case

Modifications and Upgrades


Initial Provisioning

Tech Publications

Spares Supply

Reverse Engineering


The MEL Group