MEL Aviation Ltd
Based in Sudbury, UK, MEL Aviation Ltd acts as the group’s headquarters for the design, manufacture, repair and overhaul of aerospace products. More Information
MEL Engineering
Based in Sudbury, UK, MEL Aviation Engineering is the new hanger for engineering projects. More Information
MEL Aviation GmbH
Situated in Rellingen, Germany, MEL Aviation GmbH repairs/overhauls aerospace components and acts as a storage and distribution centre for OEMs and airbus industries. More Information

Laurence Walter Ltd
Based in Sudbury, UK, Laurence Walter Ltd is the expansion vehicle for the overseas joint ventures and is approved to EASA regulations for repair and overhaul of aerospace products. More Information

Laurence Walter Aerospace Solutions (USA)
Situated in Norfolk Virginia USA, Laurence Walter Aerospace Solutions specialise in the design, manufacture, repair and overhaul of aerospace products. More Information
Laurence Walter Serbia
LWS was formed in 2006 to be the groups manufacturing centre and specialise in the machined components, fabrication, electro and mechanical assembly and being the groups Eastern Europe repair centre. More Information
Trent Aero Engineering Ltd
Based in Nottingham UK, Trent Aero are experts in the manufacture of small / to production batch precision aircraft fabrications (light and heavy) in aluminium, stainless steel, titanium and other specialist materials. More Information
MEL Bordon (formerly, Reliant Design Development Co Ltd)
Based in Hampshire, UK, MEL Bordonspecialises in the design, development and manufacture of small batch hydraulic, aircraft generator, fuel, radar cooling, actuator, liquid conditioning and special to type aerospace/automotive test equipment. More Information
Headset Services Ltd
Based at Shoreham Airport, Headset Services specialise in the repair and distribution of pilot headsets and helmets radios and other communication devices. Industry sectors include ATC, airlines, emergency services, search and rescue, airport ground crew, motor sport, broadcast and general aviation. More Information
Northwest Aerodynamic Models
Based in Derbyshire, Northwest Aerodynamic Models specialise in the design and manufacture of wind tunnel models/simulators and simulator domes, carbon fibre component manufacture general design and precision engineering. More Information

Arrowsmith Engineering
Based in Hampshire, Arrowsmith Engineering manufacture and assemble oxygen test equipment and manufacture hi-precision components for the aerospace industry. More Information

JTA - Jet Transport Actuators LLC (USA)
Jet Transport Actuators LLC will provide their valued customers with commercial jet aircraft actuators, ballscrews, gearboxes, and specialty mechanisms that are repaired and overhauled with a paramount concern for safety, and by utilizing the highest standards in quality workmanship. More Information

Laurence Walter Aerospace Solutions
Based in Dubai, UAE, Laurence Walter Aerospace Solutions, specialises in the repair, overhaul and distribution of aerospace components and the assembly of ground support equipment, repair capabilities. More Information
Laurence Walter Corke (South Africa)
Laurence Walter Corke assemble, repair and overhaul aerospace components. More Information
Laurence Walter Aerospace Solutions (Australia)
More information will be available in time.