MEL Aviation Limited
Laurence Walter House
Addison Road
CO10 2YW
United Kingdom

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The MEL Group as it is now known started life in 1968 as Melbreak Engineering Limited in 1968 based in Harlow, Essex. Founded by Laurence Smith the company specialised in the repair/overhaul and manufacture of liquid oxygen equipment. 1973 saw the company relocate to Sudbury, Suffolk into a 3,000 square foot facility along with a name change to MEL (AVIATION OXYGEN) Ltd. Tragically the company founder was killed in an aircraft accident at Luton airport in February 1977. The company remains a family business with the spirit of Laurence very much driving the business forward. In 1983 there was a step change in the business with a new factory purchased of 5,000 sq ft and the capabilities of the company expanded into civil aviation repair/overhaul of airborne components.

The company continued to expand both capabilities and facilities and a further name change to MEL Aviation Ltd better reflected its position in the market as an aerospace engineering company. MEL ventured into its first overseas business in 1994 with the purchase from Autoflug GMBH of their civil repair and distribution business for safety equipment. In 2006 market driven requirements to reduce the supplier base led to MEL taking the decision to expand world wide and offer its customers as a complete engineering solution provider. The company Laurence Walter Ltd was formed as the vehicle for all overseas expansion opportunities with the name Laurence Walter being used as a tribute to the deceased fathers of the current owners of the MEL Group. Facilities are now operational in the UK, Germany, Serbia and both the East and West coast of the United States. Future facilities will be located in the UAE, Australia, Brazil and South Africa. Now known as ‘The MEL Group’ we will continue to expand both capabilities and facilities to ensure our customers have a choice for their future aerospace and defence products.